A Totally Redesigned Experience

We’ve completed redesigned The Bible Dictionary to make it more reliable and easier to use. Here are a few of the new features we hope you’ll enjoy:

  • Updated interface that’s easier to navigate and read so that you can focus on your Bible study.
  • Updated name, from The Bible Dictionary OFFLINE to The Word Dictionary.
  • An iOS version of the app! (Finally!)
  • Updated look and feel that’s more responsive and easier to use
  • A totally new sharing design that lets you share Biblical words with your friends, family and study groups in an intuitive, easy to use way.
  • Support for Facebook Login and account creation so that you can save your favorite Biblical words and have them with you on any device you log in on.
  • The ability to send us Feedback – and please do! We read every piece of feedback and every review.

We have so much more planned, so spread the Word! We welcome your reviews and feedback. We read every single comment, so please keep them coming.